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Stomach - Demo

Stomach - Demo

Dry Cough is proud to announce the impending arrival of a UK pressing of the debut release from STOMACH.

Hailing from Geneva, Illinois, and fronted by former Weekend Nachos / LEDGE man, John Hoffman, STOMACH offers a bleak and desperate blend of sludge & doom, with a touch of noise/powerviolence added to the mix for some additional aural carnage.

The very first sampling of music from STOMACH offers a wide range of heavy, dirgey tones and lyrically antisocial howls of pain. These depressing and hateful jams with both satisfy you and tear you down at the same time.

This 4-song demo was first released in the United States on PRACTICED HATRED RECORDS.
Self-recorded at THE PIT II in Geneva, IL and mixed/mastered by Will Killingsworth at DEAD AIR STUDIOS.

FFO Noothgrush, Grief, Sunn O))), Earth, all things slow & painful.